Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tiny Canvas piece

"Mother & Daughter" 5x7 canvas board (Mixed Media: collage, acrylic paint, old text)
I painted this one day when I began to wonder when my daughter would stop wanting to hold my hand, sit on my lap or cuddle with me... it was sad to contemplate and some of that meloncholy came out in the mother's expression here, I think.

Art Journal work of "Bannister"

This is a drawing that I did of a band named Bannister that played at my coffee shop recently. I later added watercolor and some pastels.
If I didn't work in my journal every day or two, I wouldn't be doing much "art" lately... it keeps me trying new things and keeping my feet wet at a time where my business is commanding so much of my time and attention. But meeting and listening to performers like these neat young men is one of the perks of my job, for sure!