Friday, December 07, 2007

Quick Nose Sketches

It's been a busy week, so while in bed about to crash, I got out my sketch pad and all I had was an ink pen, so I did a couple of quick sketches... I'll just use the excuse of being very tired and ready for bed.... Still good practice for me, even though sloppy and quick....

A Little Break from Noses

I took a little break from noses to do some quick sketches. Anita Davies turned me onto these through her blog (see links to artists' blogs) at the posemaniacs site. They give you a figure to draw and it's only there for 30 seconds. No time to stress about details. It's an exercise to engage the right side of the brain to tune out details and draw shapes....or something like that. Anyway, it's a great exercise that I'll continue (just won't post them here...too many in too short a time).

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Day 6 The Noses of "Scrubs"

Scrubs is the funniest show on TV for me and I love the characters. And feeling this way, the logical next step for a true fan is... guessed it! DRAWING THEIR NOSES! I'm sure they'll get ahold of this blog and be offering me commissions to draw more of their noses.

While I'm sure noses have "personality", it's not the defining trademark of most people, and for women in television, since they all have to be traditionally "pretty", there aren't a lot a variations on theirs... one looks far too much like the next.

John McGinleys is the most interesting nose, and I had a hard time stopping at the nose (as you can see) as I wanted to keep going. His is just an interesting face with lots of lines and shadows.

All of these were drawn with the Pilot Razor pen.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

30 Days of Noses - Day 5

Day 5

I wanted to try a water-soluable ink pen,
so I pulled out a Pilot Razor Point (felt tip?) and
the first nose at top was me trying to figure out
how this pen works and how it would react to water.

The second nose is from a picture of my dad as a teen,
and then I tried a couple of celebrities like Tom Selleck
and Jimmy Durante (one is known for his nose and
the other is...well... I just love lookin' at him! Yep,
that Jimmy was the stuff that sweet dreams are made of...)

30 Days of Noses - Day 4

Day 4

Softer, pencil drawings like these don't render well when scanning, but these will at least be evidence to Sherie ( )that I'm not falling down on the challenge (she'll harrass me mercilessly otherwise! lol)

The pencil sketch on the right is actually my nose... I was looking up into a mirror, so more nostril-action that I think is attractive... The other is from a picture of my daughter when she was little...the width was too wide, but the colored pencils I used (that I found in an old, old stash at my mom's) just would not erase. Maybe I'll go ahead and use pen for one and see how that goes.

Speaking of pen, you have to see what this guy does with just a bic pen a white art pencil: