Thursday, December 09, 2010

Where'd the Year Go?

I've actually been busier than my blog suggests, but I'm better at "doing" than "documenting".

I still manage to find time for some art outside of the many hours of owning and running a coffee shop, but not as much as I'd like. I take my sketchbooks and work on things at the shop that I can do easily, such as pencil drawings, pastels or colored pencils. It's hard to cart all of the multitude of papers, fragments and doo dads (not to mention paints) that I use for my collage pieces.

This year, I have done a number of commissions in my whimsical folk art style. I take pictures of family, pets, etc., and create a layered mixed media collage with inclusions that pertain to their interests, hobbies, etc.


My daughter saw this beautiful butterfly dress in an ad on Facebook and asked if I could make something similar for her for her Halloween Dance at school. I had seen the dress before as well and thought it beautiful.

Well, with no pattern and a limited budget, I bought inexpensive black muslin and got to work. I cut 2 pieces for each "wing", sewed them right sides together, then turned them so there would be smooth edges with no hem and the extra fabric would give it some body. Then I painted the sections white so the colors would be more bright and vibrant on the black.


Colors were added and blended...(acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium)

I used a side zipper, made a skirt of tulle underneath and sewed a fuzzy trim around the top. It turned out cute and with her striped tights and ankle boots, it was so PEGGY!