Friday, March 10, 2006

Recent Sketches

I've been drawing more lately, trying to make myself do even some fast sketches. Posting to a blog is a new (and scary) thing for me, so hopefully I can overcome my fears and put it out there.

This is a sketch of a friend's granddaughter. No sketch can do her total justice...she's just a doll!

This next sketch is of my daughter at her dance recital. It didn't scan well, but the scan did show me that my values were not consistent... too dark on top and too light on bottom.


This is a quick sketch I did while my kids played at a park... I had only a bic ink pen with me, so that's what I used... scary! But it does rather look like me... I think...

I am drawn to faces... I want to learn to create them in every medium... I've been playing around with acrylics and a more abstract style of portraits that I learned in a class from Betsy Dillard Stroud.

Here is a sample:


Penny said...

Congratualtions on getting your blog up and oging! Isn't it fun! I like your sketch of yourself!! thanks for posting. I look forward to seeing more!

Malinda said...

Welcome to Everyday Matters Penny! I hope you come to love these people as I have, they're in inspirational, encouraging bunch! Your drawings are lovely!

Sioux said...

You're doing a great job with your blog, and your sketches are wonderful. Keep up the good work.

Rachel Murphree said...

Penny -- the sketch of your friend's little girl DOES look like a doll! she's beautiful and you did a great job with all your sketches and the painting. welcome to EDM... Rachel(also a newish member of the group)

Alison said...

Yes, welcome to EDM. I joined a few weeks ago and find it so inspiring.Alison on Canberra