Thursday, September 06, 2007

2006 - early 2007

Okay...this is terrible and why I've always had a love/hate relationship with Diaries and Journals. It's been almost a year since my last post. It's not that I haven't done anything, but with ownership of a coffeeshop in my life now and another love/hate relationship, this time with my scanner, it just wasn't a great year for sharing my artventures.

So, here's my shot at redemption. I'll post some things I've done this last year. They won't be in order because my memory ain't that good any more and my documentation skills are in even worse shape than my memory.

Now...where was I? Oh yeah, some sketches, finished pieces and my ever-so-enlightening commentary along the way. How's that? .........

This is Walker... our neighbor whom Peggy & I babysat several times, but who is moving to Texas.. a sweet boy we'll miss!

I've done some quick sketches...lots of marks and movements. These are hard for me as they require me to let go and lose the desire for "picture-perfect", and to just learn from the exercise itself...not aim for a finished product.

This is my daughter, Peggy...

This is Meryl, singing at the's hard for me to draw folks who are moving..just not that good yet.

This is a famous hockey player (I think)...he was on the cover of my son's Hockey magazine. An exercise in loose sketching.

I wanted to do a loose Dizzy & his trumpet sketch from memory, just to get the outline and stance...

Some facial studies...

Another of Peggy from a photo.

A good resource for working on faces is a Mary Kay catalog:

Magazine photos... I didn't finish the one on the left... just couldn't seem to "get" her, so I got frustrated and stopped.

This is an abstract portrait of my dad... it's framed and hanging in my Dining Room... he was a colorful character, so this style fit his image well..

To release my mind from what I think a face is "supposed" to look like, I tried this exercise of turning the photo upside and drawing it upside down. Both the woman and Luke Wilson were drawn upside down. They're not perfect, but a decent likeness.

LEFT - My niece, Amy, though the eyes aren't really her....actually, only the hair may be really "her".

RIGHT - This is another niece and her dog, Bella... a pretty good likeness of her, I think.

TODAY - I did this sketch from a portrait in a magazine


demibrix said...

What nice portraits! - Barbara

Lin said...

AWESOME portraits, Penny! Truly gorgeously done! Hope things get better re coffee shop -- that kind of stress saps the energy and creativity --! Fingers crossed, cara!