Wednesday, November 28, 2007

30 Days of Noses - Day 1 - 2

"Thirty Days of Noses"

My good friend and fab artist, Sherie Griffith, ( ) we spending an art day together and were talking about a fellow artist's blog (Anita Davies) whom we know from the Everyday Matters (yahoo) group. Her artwork is incredible and she has spent 30 days drawing different parts of the body to get proficient and it has paid off for her.

Sherie and I decided we would do this together to help each other stay accountable to creating art every day in some fashion. Sherie wanted to start with noses, so here are my first 2 days of noses. The hardest part of this 30-challenge will be scanning and updating my blog... (my weakest area, I'm afaid)...

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phthaloblu said...

Great sketches, Penny! Those side views are hard, aren't they?