Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2010 Art I've been working on...

I'm going to try to make 2010 a new year for blogging and be more consistent with it. It was always a pain to hook up laptop to scanner, scan, upload, re-size, upload to blogger, etc. However, now I have a Mac and can just take pics with the webcam and post them to much easier. The quality isn't as good as a scan, but it's good enough to give an idea about what I'm working on.

Often, I will create a "character" on watercolor paper and paint it in, then cut it out and use it in a collage later on. This young lady is one that I'm planning to use down the road. The great thing is that I can do these while at the coffee shop during the slower periods

A not-quite-finished piece I'm doing for a collaged background I've already completed. Trying to decide whether I have the room and want to us all three or just 2 of the girls. On these types of pieces, I usually cut out the painted image and adhere to the collage, then when dry, I seal with a beeswax layer which softens the entire piece.

A watercolor piece I am currently working on. It's not yet the likeness I need it to be, but it's practice.

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